How it all started

After a successful #skipthestraw campaign in Sarasota, FL, we realized that while helping restaurants fight the onslaught of single-use plastics we were missing something. Sure, it’s great to get restaurants and their customers more aware of their waste, but what about at home? We all grew up with a drawer in our kitchen that had a never-ending supply of plastic bags, plastic cling wrap and single-use plastic baggies. There was no doubt that this was an issue in our home and countless homes all over the globe.

We searched for local plastic alternatives and were let down with the lack of options. So, we found organic cotton, conscientiously sourced, with prints from independent artists the world over, and we made our own beeswax food wraps. We spent time crafting the recipe of beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin until we found the perfect blend that keeps your food safe and protected.

We’re always expanding our line and looking to find new ways to fight against wasteful single-use plastics. Our patterns are updated regularly and, because we work in small batches, unique designs stay unique so you know your wax wraps are something special.

Ditch the Plastic

Once you start to notice how much plastic is out there in the world, you realize that if you start small, you can limit your use and maybe even stop using single-use plastics altogether. Follow our blog to learn more about how to use Half Moon Wax Wraps at home and sign-up for our newsletter to get exclusive deals and be the first to know when new sets drop on the site.